Goodnight Grace

I’m practicing inconsistencies in my routine without self imposed guilt or shame taking root and harvesting a few days worth of self condemnation.

If living each and every moment in God’s presence is the priority, there’s grace. There’s grace for detours. There’s grace for procrastination. There’s grace for 6 hours of sleep. There’s grace.

Perhaps I’ll go to the grocery store at 9PM.

Perhaps I’ll take an exceptionally long time to do my dishes at 10PM.

Perhaps I’ll arrange a bouquet at 10:30PM.

Perhaps I’ll make a cup of tea and write a blog post at 11PM.

I’m ending my day in God’s presence. There’s no place I’d rather be.

Goodnight, Grace.

Chunky Legs, Seasons Change

Dear God,

I feel uncomfortable!!!

I’m losing weight and my legs are still really fat! How do I know what I’m going to look like? How do I feel better?? How do I rise above?

I’m different in my body and it feels weird! I’m the same soul in a different vessel and it feels weird!! How can I be so spiritual and still mindful of my body?! I hate my legs!! I laugh at my mediocrity!!


Your silly, imperfect, funny, beautiful, wise daughter